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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing of all types and flavors continues to grow and ranges from traditional standards-based systems such as ISDN and private IP, to desktop video over Internet and even high definition telepresence.

We believe video conferencing should be straightforward to use and reliable which is why our range of comprehensive managed video conferencing services is designed to take care of the video conferencing needs of enterprises of all sizes.

Global Cloud Xchange meeting room service provides a state-of-the-art cloud video bridging system. Participants using any standards-based video conferencing facility (Private IP, Public Internet or even ISDN) can dial in as easily as if it were an audio conference, without worrying about the technical complexities of multi-platform conferencing.

Why treat your video conferencing facility differently to your network? We can monitor your networked video endpoints, performing software upgrades, installing patches and flagging equipment errors. We can even monitor changes to your video directory, ensuring all addresses are consistent and up to date.

There may be times when you need more resources for your conference. We can provide you with temporary resources like more room-ports. Should you just need access to a bigger capacity facility or when you want to connect beyond your conferencing network, our room reservation system provides online booking facility for 2500+ video conferencing rooms across the world.