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Conduct business from beyond conventional boundaries.

Collaborate with colleagues or suppliers anywhere in the world. Optimize resources and strengthen teamwork. Based upon  Global Cloud Xchange’s privately-owned global network, MindBridge is  our simple-to-use global audio conferencing platform with direct access available from more than 90 countries worldwide.

MindBridge is available in 2 variants. MindBridge Freedom is used for regular or ad-hoc meetings on a “pay as you go” basis with conferences established and operated without operator-assistance. MindBridge Agenda, often used for structured events, addresses and Q&A sessions sees a pre-determined number of seats reserved in advance with operator assistance available throughout.

The online MindBridge portal adds control and reporting through which accounts and passwords can be managed, scheduled conferences reserved and usage tracked. With billing available in nine currencies, MindBridge truly is a vital tool for your global business.