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Security Log Retention & Log Monitoring

Security Log Retention & Log Monitoring

Log retention is fundamental to any comprehensive security and compliance program, although managing and administering log retention devices can be burdensome. Storing years of historical log data,  Global Cloud Xchange’s log retention service will help you satisfy your regulatory requirements.

Through the use of high performance log retention devices, we will collect and archive raw security logs in a tamper-proof environment, providing on-demand access to raw log data and meeting regulatory requirements for forensic-quality evidence.

Taking a more proactive approach, our log monitoring service sees alerts and logs generated by critical servers, routers, firewalls, databases, applications and security devices monitored, correlated and analyzed to detect any signs of malicious activity, whether from internal or external sources.

Threats will be assessed against context from security activity your customer environment as well as against threats across all our global customers and research from our centralised counter threat research team.  Should our experts identify an anomaly, they will investigate and respond immediately in real time.

The benefits from this approach are clear. You will receive smarter, quicker and more effective protection enabling you to provide a better security service to your organization.