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Managed Authentication

Managed Authentication

Global Cloud Xchange’s Managed Authentication service is a cloud-based service to protect your network and important assets from identity fraud and any other cyber attacks that disrupt corporate networks and business continuity.

The service uses two-factor authentication (“2FA”) to validate users’ identities by verifying user-created credentials and requiring users to access a physical authentication device in real-time; a software or hardware token which randomly generates a token code.

Our Managed Authentication service can be used to protect highly critical and confidential systems (especially those containing sensitive personal information), for verifying the identity of remote and mobile users, and for creating an accurate security log of access to protected systems.

Through our dedicated security experts, we offer comprehensive professional services to understand your network and requirements, and to provide implementation & operational support for implementing & managing the authentication services. The Managed Authentication service is delivered through a security portal allowing self-enrolment; a user is guided through the provisioning process with the portal reporting based on account status, usage and activities. The portal also provides detailed information on tokens, token-ownership and other inventory information.