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Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Intrusion Prevention System (“IPS”) is a critical layer of defence protecting your network from harmful traffic that has made it beyond your firewall. With an effective IDS / IPS, threats can be responded to quickly and effectively.

Yet while many organizations can detect most cyber threats through network Intrusion Detection Systems (“IDS”), IDS and IPS are only really effective if they are well tuned to the current threats and the network in which they are deployed.

Using intelligence from our security research group on the latest exploits and attack methods, we will fine-tune your IDS and IPS to maximize detection capabilities. Managed devices will be tuned on a continual basis as intelligence is gathered on emerging threats and as your network changes.

We will monitor IDS and IPS alerts in real-time to analyze events and identify threats.

Events will be correlated across all available information sources so that when you are at risk, our security experts are already responding to counter the threat.

Our online portal will provide you with clear insight into your business’ security position, enabling you to produce executive level reports and dashboards or drill down into security activity to assess or prove regulatory compliance quickly and effectively.