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Managed Global VPN

Head offices in Europe, customer service centers in India, manufacturing plants in China, sales offices across the US. Even Cloud data centers.

When it comes to global networks, one size does not fit all. Due to network economics, market regulation, capital availability and competitive pressure, finding a single supplier that can reach all global locations with the right connectivity to meet individual capacity and service requirements is a challenge. And then there’s technology; MPLS, DSL, Hybrid Networks, Ethernet, EFM, LTE, 3G / 4G, managed routers, Cloud connectivity, SDN and SD-WAN.

All too often this challenge can lead to multiple contracts with multiple vendors, stiff premiums on bandwidth, or compromise on network design.

But it does not have to be this way.

Managed Global VPN

Managed Global VPN

Global Coverage

Network Reach

Managed Global VPN from GCX is a one-stop-shop for modular, flexible, globally-available  MPLS and Hybrid connectivity with extensive reach into more than 220 countries worldwide. A full range of network technologies is available to choose from to meet performance needs and budget (MPLS, Hybrid, Ethernet, leased line, xDSL, wireless etc), meaning multi-national enterprises can take maximum advantage of key innovations in local markets … but on a global scale.

Since our heritage is founded firmly in the “Virtual Network Operator” approach we provide solutions optimized for business needs through a Hybrid network approach; integrating far-reaching privately-owned Global Network, supplemented extensively with 3rd party infrastructure.


By selecting and integrating the best fit service and technology available for each location, we give our customers the broadest choice and flexibility available in the global market place. What’s more, our solutions are delivered and assured by an end-to-end managed service, guaranteeing business outcomes.

Through our tried and tested design approach, enterprises can:

  • Use a single partner that can provide managed connectivity literally anywhere in the world
  • Achieve business requirements without being restricted by infrastructure availability, using low cost Hybrid connectivity like broadband and wireless Internet, or performance-guaranteed MPLS VPN according to individual site requirements
  • Regularly adjust and modify the technological solution through in-built technical and commercial flexibility


By selecting and integrating the best fit service and technology available for each location, we give our customers choice and flexibility

The Right Connectivity for Every Site

Managed Global VPN is ideally suited to retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies, hospitality & leisure providers, service businesses and the like who need access to a full range of connectivity options to support their business on a truly global scale.

On-Premise or Cloud Data Center

Remote / roaming users

Manufacturing sites

Temporary project offices

Sales offices

Partner / Supplier sites

Head Office

Customer sites

These locations need a full range of connectivity options available to provide the right service level at the right price point; MPLS & Hybrid VPN, Ethernet and SDH, xDSL and EFM, LTE and even satellite.

Peace of Mind

And through the full end-to-end managed service backed by Service Level Agreements underwriting delivery, availability and performance, we act as an extension of your business, using our expert knowledge, systems and processes:

  • Supply, installation, configuration of the whole solution
  • Problem, change and configuration management
  • Release and service management
  • On-site equipment maintenance
  • Monthly service reporting and proactive performance optimization advice
  • Wide-ranging, stringent SLAs underwriting the service we provide

Irrespective of where in the world your sites are located, we can provide straightforward site configurations based upon pre-defined “service bundles” providing consistency of design and inventory, and driving speed of deployment and operational efficiency. Managed Global VPN lets you connect a variety of offices, plants, stores, depots, data centers, Cloud etc. in any country whether through quality of service enabled MPLS or low cost broadband-access Hybrid VPN.

Bring Cloud Services On-Net

Bring Cloud Services On-Net

Through CLOUD X Fusion, popular Cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Softlayer are only a network port away

Bringing Cloud Services On-Net

And what’s more, through CLOUD X Fusion, popular Cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Softlayer are only a network port away.

With options available in more than 220 countries and a heritage of providing innovative, flexible, business critical networks going back to 1988, GCX is ideally placed to provide the ideal mixture of reach, value for money, service and flexibility.