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Managed Wi-FI

Secure Wi-Fi-based LAN solutions, enabling your users the world over to connect wirelessly to the  Global Cloud Xchange network, even with their own devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops).

Advanced user-management enables both “corporate” and “guest” access via a variety of sign-on options and encompassing user-specific controls on bandwidth and access time limit.

Fully-integrated security features including encryption and authentication, network access control, an application firewall, content filtering, and Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention.

Sector-specific solutions for retail, hospitality, healthcare and education offer real-time analysis of foot traffic, guest return rates and location dwell time, wireless point-of-sale and inventory management, mobile access to patient records, remote access to research data and knowledge bases.

Managed Wi-Fi is provided as an end-to-end managed service encompassing the full solution lifecycle from supply, installation and configuration, to problem, change and configuration management all underwritten by stringent SLAs and backed by powerful cloud-based performance reporting and insight.


Managed Wi-Fi