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App Xpress

App Xpress uses optimization, data caching and compression to achieve LAN-like application performance over the Wide Area Network, almost eliminating traditional constraints of distance and network latency.

A sophisticated management interface provides powerful control over network behavior while data de-duplication techniques help eliminate WAN congestion, removing up to 95% of WAN traffic:

  • Application performance can be accelerated by up to 100 times
  • Vast amounts of duplicated data can be “removed” from the network freeing up valuable bandwidth
  • Application bottlenecks can be identified, improving application throughput

Powerful reporting capabilities including bandwidth optimization, network throughput, data reduction and traffic summaries support network capacity planning. Critical network upgrades can be predicted and actioned before application performance is even impacted; user-frustration and disappointment can be avoided. Options are available covering reporting and optimization features providing flexibility and choice to meet almost every requirement.

The Global Cloud Xchange solution is provided through a comprehensive end-to-end managed service encompassing the full solution lifecycle from supply, installation and configuration, to device maintenance and management. Designed to work seamlessly with your Global Cloud Xchange managed WAN solution, app Xpress is backed by comprehensive SLAs to guarantee performance and provide peace of mind.

App Xpress

App Xpress