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Capacity Services

High-speed bandwidth up to 10Gbps delivered across Global Cloud Xchange’s global fiber-optic network between GCX PoPs.

Capacity Services can be delivered as a “one-stop-shop” into liberalized markets through unprotected full circuits, or as unprotected half-circuits into regulated markets, providing dedicated connectivity between key international cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo.

With bandwidth ranges from 2Mbps to 10Gbps available, Capacity Services is based on a state-of-the-art SDH and DWDM platform with full support for transport of SONET signals, and is available from around 70 GCX PoPs and Landing Stations in more than 30 countries, giving access to some of the most difficult telecoms markets globally, particularly in the Middle East and Asia.

And because Capacity Services is delivered across the GCX Global Network, it is able to boast some of the lowest latencies available including:

  • Hong Kong to South Korea (14.40ms over FNAL)
  • Paris to New York (35.44ms over FA-1 South)
  • Mumbai to Dubai (12.93ms over Falcon)


Asia Middle East Europe Americas
China Bahrain Cyprus United States of America
Hong Kong Egypt France
India Iran Germany
Japan Iraq Italy
Malaysia Jordan Netherlands
Maldives Kuwait Spain
Singapore Oman United Kingdom
South Korea Qatar
Sri Lanka Saudi Arabia
Taiwan Sudan
Thailand United Arab Emirates

We can even offer segment-specific protection on vulnerable segments with defined routing ensuring traffic follows a default path.

Designed for operators who traditionally integrate and manage their own international backbones, or large enterprises and OTTs in need of vast point-to-point bandwidth, Capacity Services can be available in as little as 5 working days (for fast-tracked orders, 20 working days for standard orders).

Capacity Service is assured by GCX on a 24 x 7 basis and is backed by Service Level Agreements underwriting delivery and availability providing you with the assurance and guarantees needed to extend your reach coverage with confidence.

Capacity Services