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IP Transit

If it’s downstream access to almost 2 billion Internet eyeballs and users in India and Asia you are seeking, then you ‘ve come to the right place.

Global Cloud Xchange’s IP Transit service is specifically designed to provide a high performance, intercontinental, as well as, regional IP Transit, whether the content is to be ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ from the Internet, through a single global AS.

Delivered over our massively scalable, highly resilient and self-healing IP network, IP Transit from Global Cloud Xchange offers industry-leading reliability and packet delivery guarantees, as well as zero packet re-ordering and predictable lower transmission delays to and from key business markets in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

We connect directly to 100% Indian eyeballs (almost 400 million and growing… Fast…), more than 50% of whom we “own”; as well as 40% of eyeballs in SE Asia in booming Internet communities like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Not to mention China.

The new breed of global IP transit providers bridge directly between content and eyeballs without the need for upstream / tier-1 backbones


We reach into these markets from Europe in a single “hop” offering unparalleled performance. And to add that “local” touch, we offer local routes so you can reach your target market even quicker. In the West we are present in IXs in all major content markets.

As you would expect from a network which carries around 1/5th of global Internet traffic, we have extensive reach and access, with approximately 850 interconnects offering high capacity, geographically diverse direct access to more than 340 unique networks of leading content providers, ISPs and global carriers.

Supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, IP Transit is offered as 2 standard variants:

  • IP Transit – providing access to the whole of Internet; an ideal solution for large enterprises, Mobile Operators, single- or multi-homed ISPs, OTT and New Media providers and Cloud companies;
  • Direct Routes – providing access to limited Internet routes which are directly connected to GCX’s network and down-stream customers; an ideal solution for large multi-homed ISPs, Cloud companies and Content Delivery Networks looking at significantly improving connectivity into markets served “on-net” by GCX.