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Mission-critical hosting at state-of-the-art ‘carrier-hotels’ in prime business districts around the globe, or strategically remote yet easily accessible disaster recovery power and space facilities;  Global Cloud Xchange’s Co-location service offers high availability power and cooling backed by industry-standard security and environmental management, with of course the added benefit of direct connectivity to our global network and a revolutionary Cloud ecosystem. .

Take advantage of a range of standard power and space configurations with the option to use GCX-provided racks and cabinets, or your own racks (subject to approved specifications). Alternatively, allow us to design a unique solution for space and power, possibly in a secure caged-off area and maybe including future expansion space.

With Co-location facilities available in the following business centers, we can host your services right where you need them the most.

London Hong Kong Paris New York
Singapore Tokyo Taipei India (in partnership with RCOM)

All of our Co-location centers feature:

  • Immediate access to the  our global network as well as to other 3rd party connections
  • Diverse network connectivity both into the facilities and into hosting racks; Standard cabinet sizes as well as customizable options
  • High availability, reliable power with extensive power back-up
  • Industry-standard heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Perimeter security and access control
  • State-of-the-art smoke and fire detection and suppression systems
  • Optional ‘Safe Hands’ service round the clock for routine maintenance and operations support

In short we can meet the needs of even the most power-hungry services, providing almost limitless onward connectivity options.


Co-location Overview
Co-location – Hong Kong
Co-location – London
Co-location – New York
Co-location – Paris
Co-location – Taipei