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Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Global Cloud Xchange owns the world’s largest private undersea cable system spanning more than 68,000 route kms of sub-sea fiber  connecting major telecommunications hubs globally, from the developed markets in the U.S. and Europe to key emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia, including India and China.


Hosting facilities at strategic locations, with open network connectivity

Legacy applications, compliance and regulatory requirements and asset depreciation mean organizations may still need to host and manage their IT infrastructure in a traditional manner.

We recognize that for some organizations, the cloud is not the whole answer. Our global Co-location service offers high class hosting in leading global commercial centers with the added benefit of direct connectivity to the GCX global network as well as to other 3rd party infrastructure.

IP Transit

Inter-continental content across a highly resilient, scalable IP Network

With Internet usage continuing to grow almost exponentially, user-generated and media-rich content proliferates. Content is created and hosted in an ever-more distributed fashion globally leaving ISPs and content providers demanding more bandwidth and better Internet performance.

Our IP Transit offerings are specifically designed to provide a high performance, wholesale Internet service with particular emphasis on delivery into and out of Asia and the Middle East

Transmission Services

Secure, dedicated global connectivity

Wholesale network extension, especially into regulated or developing markets is a capital intensive and strategically complex issue for telecoms operators, Internet Service Providers and content companies.

Our range of wholesale infrastructure products offers competitive global connectivity into both major traditional business centers and regulated as well as emerging markets.