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We operate in a world where information and knowledge are critical to success. Whole business processes are being outsourced to lower cost resources in emerging markets.

Internal business functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, front office functions including contact center services, knowledge processes covering all kinds of research and information gathering, even legal processes are more often outsourced to India, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Whether you are in Accounting, Management Consultancy, Legal Services, Recruitment, Travel; your resources, your data and your processes are likely movingover great distances and multiple time zones.

At the same time, your onshore work patterns are changing. Employees are more mobile, more reliant upon handheld devices (often personally-provided) accessing centralized, globalized applications. Their dependency upon knowledge, information transfer and streamlined automated processes is key to your success.

To support your outsourced processes, your increasingly mobile workforce, and to succeed in the information economy you need global connectivity, converged communications platforms and infrastructure on which to securely host your information assets or access cloud-based applications and of course you need this to be secure, to meet all sorts of compliance and quality standards (i.e ISO27001, Sarbanes Oxley, SAS-70).

Global Cloud Xchange can provide you with end-to-end solutions on a global scale.

Global Cloud Xchange can provide you with direct connectivity into outsourcing hubs in India, the Middle East and Asia, global managed networking services covering your offices across continents, mobility and authentication solutions to support your consultants out in the field, or dynamic cloud services that you can provision and migrate to via a simple user-friendly portal.

Our solutions can help you reduce cost, reach new markets or serve your valued customers in innovative new ways.

We have a variety of products and solutions to help you:

  • Global Cloud Xchange’s secure Cloud Services, including virtualized computing & storage and more than 80 out of the box cloud applications deployed directly into your global network, are a seamless extension of your existing IT infrastructure
  • On-net connectivity to content and software providers specific to your industry via our enterprise class Cloud switching structure and requiring zero human intervention – a market first, gives you access to the cloud services you need to gain a competitive advantage
  • State-of-the-art high capacity point-to-point IPLCs, EPLs and EtherLine connections provide end-to-end connectivity into India, the Middle East & Asia Pacific
  • Easy-to-manage, Global Ethernet with bandwidth-on-demand and usage-based billing is the ideal platform to support data, voice and video convergence, and virtualized computing
  • Our bespoke MPLS VPN solutions can provide cost effective, secure IP connectivity to 160 countries worldwide: available as “wires-only” or as a fully-managed service.
  • Our X-Shield Managed Security services provide up-to-the-minute protection, meaning your business can continue to trade with confidence despite the continually evolving threat landscape