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International Private Leased Circuit

International Private Leased Circuit

Are you looking for dedicated, secure point-to-point connectivity delivered into Asia or the Middle East, or between major European or US business centers?

Global Cloud Xchange’s International Private Leased Circuit (“IPLC”) service offers precisely this between an enterprises’ offices, content providers’ data centers, and telecoms carriers’ PoPs. Delivered over GCX’s far-reaching global fiber optic network, IPLC is available in a range of scalable bandwidths from 64Kbps to 10Gbps.

Supporting all commonly-required interface types, GCX’s IPLC is used by enterprises and operators the world over to reach into various unregulated and regulated markets including the Middle East and Asia.

Asia Middle East Europe Americas
China Bahrain Cyprus United States of America
Hong Kong Iran France
India Iraq Germany
Japan Jordan Italy
Malaysia Kuwait Netherlands
Maldives Oman Spain
Singapore Qatar United Kingdom
South Korea Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka Sudan
Taiwan United Arab Emirates

End-to-end connectivity between your locations will be provided by Global Cloud Xchange including local access circuits into your premises, meaning you do not have to concern yourself with planning and ordering from local telecoms operators; we will provide the full- circuit where we can. In some of the countries our network reaches into, local regulations prevent us from delivering circuits into your premises.

In these cases, we will deliver a half-circuit in partnership with a licensed local operator giving you full benefit of our expertise.

If international connectivity into India is what you need, our IPLC service extends seamlessly into 200 cities via more than 200,000 route km of fiber backbone connecting 900 of the top 1,000 India enterprises.

IPLC is available both protected and unprotected with secondary paths adding resilience and therefore raising service availability.  With services assured by GCX on a 24 x 7 basis and backed by Service Level Agreements which underwrite delivery and availability, IPLC remains a core element of every enterprise’s connectivity needs.


International Private Leased Circuit