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Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line

Global Cloud Xchange’s Ethernet Private Line (“EPL”) combines the reliability and security of traditional leased lines, with the simplicity, flexibility and affordability of Ethernet to provide LAN speed and flexibility on a much broader scale.

Using Ethernet over SDH (EoSDH) technology, EPL’s seamless link between network layers simplifies the convergence of voice, data and video on a common connection, eliminating the need for duplicate services. What’s more, being an Ethernet connection the equipment required to interconnect at your location is markedly lower cost than with other connectivity types.

Our extensive global reach means we can offer EPL in a range of geographies with our domestic coverage in India and regional coverage in the Middle East and Asia providing real benefit to enterprises and operators needing connectivity into emerging markets.


Asia Middle East Europe America
Hong Kong Oman France USA
India Qatar Germany
Japan Saudi Arabia United Kingdom
Malaysia UAE Cyprus
South Korea

There are three variants of EPL designed to meet every need. EPL Unprotected offers a single path while EPL Protected Premium provide a dedicated back-up path in the event of failure. EPL Plus offers bandwidth sharing between two active paths making it an economical yet inherently reliable option. For all variants, bandwidth is offered from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps in increments of 2Mbps, 50Mbps, 150Mbps meaning you only pay for what you need. And when required, additional bandwidth can be added without disruption to the existing service.

Should you need to connect more than 2 sites we can offer this through our hub-and-spoke EP Tree variant.

With services typically delivered in 6-8weeks, EPL is assured by GCX on a 24 x 7 basis and is backed by Service Level Agreements which underwrite delivery and availability, providing the guarantees rightly demanded by wholesale carriers, content providers and enterprises alike.


Ethernet Private Line