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Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access

High performance access to the Internet on a global scale, whether delivered as a centralised gateway or at individual sites can involve complex configuration and widespread procurement.

Global Cloud Xchange’s Managed Direct Internet Access service gives you the option of a single global provider regardless of where the Internet service is located.

Using  our extensive infrastructure in the USA and India, and our industry-leading supplier base around the world, we can provide you with an Internet service regardless of whether you need a resilient high availability centralized gateway or a low cost xDSL-based local service. A range of access technologies are available worldwide including Ethernet, xDSL, wireless and leased line.

With services managed and assured by GCX on a 24 x 7 basis (including managing DNS and BGP routing) and backed by Service Level Agreements which underwrite delivery and availability, we can provide you with dedicated Managed Direct Internet Access either as a stand-alone gateway or as part of a managed networking solution.