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With unsurpassed strength in our global network assets and managed services expertise, Global Cloud Xchange is focusing on building a leading edge technology company that sits at the crossroads of where the future Clouds will migrate.


We are one of the leading global data communications service providers with one of the largest global subsea cable and terrestrial networks. We serve a diverse customer base including major telecommunications carriers, large multinational enterprises and new media companies. Our wide range of products allow our customers to create, manage and connect their networks globally.

We provide our services through a global network of subsea cables, landing stations, terrestrial networks, IP network and managed network services platform controlled by two fully redundant global network operating centers The GCX Global Network connects most of the major telecommunications hubs across the globe, from the developed markets in the U.S. and Europe to the key emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia, including India and China.



We believe that the global data communications services industry has attractive growth prospects driven by various factors, which include:

  • The rapid increase of Internet users, particularly in emerging markets;
  • Consumer demand for faster broadband speeds;
  • The increase in the number of connected devices such as smart phones, tablets and other IoE gadgets;
  • Growth in demand of data-intensive applications such as social networking, video, online gaming, file sharing and remote file storage;
  • The development and widespread implementation of cloud computing technologies by enterprises which require high bandwidth and low-latency global networks.

We believe that our comprehensive range of product and service offerings and the scale and extent of the GCX Global Network places us in an ideal position support customers in the expected increased demand in the data communications services industry. We are building a technology company that sits at the crossroads of where the future Clouds will migrate.