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Technical Design Authority

Technical Design Authority


Job Summary 

The TDA will be the technical owner of a customer solution from contract signature to end of project delivery. The TDA will have several projects where they will be responsible for ensuring that GCX delivers the technical solution that has been sold to the customer. The TDA may be allocated to an existing customer account when the client is in Business as usual. The TDA will be responsible for owning the end to end detailed design of the network for the duration of the client contract with GCX.

TDA will have a number of projects assigned to them where they will provide this support. Some elements of the role will be client facing at times. The TDA will also ensure that the correct approach is used for all complex changes on the client network for the BAU role and will offer advice and support to ensure that they are implemented correctly.

The TDA is a customer facing role, including some travel to meet customers before and during projects. Communication with customers will be continued throughout the project. The TDA will offer advice for NMC L3 in the understanding of a customer network to assist them with troubleshooting and ensure that they have they have the correct level of technical support documentation

Duties & Responsibilities

Project Role:

  • The role of a Technical Design Authority (TDA) consists of the following challenges and responsibilities
    • Ensure that the technical solution that has been sold to the prospective client is what is delivered by the various teams within GCX.
    • TDA will be involved with the proposed technical solutions prior to contract signature giving some time for any amendments to be incorporated within the solution.
    • TDA will own the detail that is provided to the various functions within GCX to order services from GCX approved suppliers.
    • TDA will own the level of POCL that is required for each new GCX client.
    • TDA will own the results of the testing along with other GCX teams to ensure that this has met the design requirements of the solution sold to the client.
    • TDA will own the configuration level detail of the base configuration templates that are to be used for the customer networks in line with GCX standards.
    • TDA will ensure that baseline templates are documented and enforced on the client networks.
    • TDA will issue design alerts back to the sales functions to ensure that design products/design principle errors are not repeated.
    • TDA will be responsible for migration planning with the customer and migration and design documentation of the solution.
    • The TDA will support implementation of key sites and pilots on the projects and be an escalation point for the network roll out.
    • The TDA is responsible for ensuring a successful implementation and handing over to the NMC for management.
    • Customer changes.  The TDA will be involved on existing customer network changes / projects where it is determined by management that TDA expertise is required

BAU Role:

  • Lab Testing
    • The TDA will be required to carry out lab testing to support Type TC changes and testing of new design concepts for the client networks that they support.
  • Type TC Change Involvement
    • The TDA will support the Account TC with technical detail of type TC proposal. This will be in an advisory capacity.
    • The TDA will be responsible for approval of the Type TC change proposed.
    • Update detailed design documentation if required.
    • Advise the Implementing engineer on best approach for implementation of the change.
    • Ensure that the change engineer is aware of all technical documentation requiring updating as a result of the change.
    • For complex changes, the TDA may be required to implement the change.
  • ANP Support & Network refresh projects
    • Advise the Account TC on ANP proposals.
    • Support the project TDA with technical information for ANP projects.
  • Design Faults
    • The TDA will investigate faults deemed as ‘design faults’ to find a resolution. This will involve troubleshooting the fault and ensuring changes get raised to rectify the fault. This may also involve in depth analysis with the client to find a resolution.
    • Design faults will be faults that have been investigated by level 3 engineers in the NMC and found to be part of a design issue that needs investigation by the end to end low level design owner.
  • Customer meetings
    • Upon agreement with the Team leader, there may be occasions where the TDA will be requested to attend
    • customer workshops/meetings for in depth design discussion.
  • Other Technical support
    • The TDA may be asked by the team leader to investigate or assist with other technical issues on the network if they are affecting the client RAG status.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Good communication skills, written and verbal to both internal and external customers
  • Leadership skills as will be working as part of virtual teams
  • Good market and product knowledge of what service providers and carriers offer globally and how they operate.
  • Design background for both small and large scale networks (1000 sites plus)
  • Good ownership to see things through to completion
  • Manage multiple project workloads.
  • Good technical understanding of routing protocols BGP, OSPF and EIGRP
  • Good Cisco knowledge
  • Good Security knowledge and understanding and IPT experience is beneficial.
  • Timely completion of necessary change requests
  • Customer satisfaction with the design authority
  • Quality of documentation for usage by operations personnel

Skills and experience (“E” denotes Essential and “D” denotes Desirable)

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • E = Cisco subject matter expert
  • E = Layer 1/2/3 Telco Engineering Experience
  • E = BGP/OSPF/EIGRP/RIP/Redistribution/Filtering/Summarization, etc. Experience
  • E = Quality of Service/Class of Service
  • E = Cisco IOS features – DHCP, HSRP, IP Services, IOS Firewall, NAT, NTP, SNMP etc
  • E = Expert WAN experience and knowledge/experience of LAN. – MPLS, Frame relay, IPSEC VPN’s, Ethernet, VLAN’s, xDSL, VRF, Wireless, etc
  • E = Able to gain quick understanding of the scalability for a given solution.
  • E = Able to produce effective migration strategies and win customer approval.
  • D = Significant familiarity and demonstrable application of technology
  • D = Scripting knowledge, Linux/Unix, Zscaler, SDWAN, Security

Competency & Behavioral Skills 

  • Outstanding customer service skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to multitask and focus in a fast-paced environment.
  • Driven and eager to make a strong impact on the team and organization on behalf of our customers
  • Strong collaborative/team-working skills.
  • Good communication skills:
  • The TDA must be able to discuss their subject matter in a way that provides confidence to the customer and demonstrate strong communication skills.
  • Confident presentation abilities:
  • Able to work to tight deadlines and produce solid work that is both correct and to a high Standard.
  • Able to demonstrate when required a sound level of understanding across a broad range of technical subjects and be able to apply this knowledge to customer’s specific requirements.
  • Highly self-motivated and works well under pressure
  • Able to travel within the US when required.
  • Able to learn and adapt to new technologies.
  • Able to work well in a team environment but also on an individual basis to ensure tasks/actions are completed.
  • Able to take initiative and also able to take direction from Team leader.
  • Must strive to envelope and grasp GCX processes and procedures
  • Internal Communication:  Project Managers, Assurance Managers, Change Managers, Implementation Engineers, Technical Consultants (TC), Sales and Bid Managers, and IST (Internal Core Engineering, Service Manager, MAC Coordinators
  • External Communication: GCX Global Customers, Telecommunications Providers – eg. ATT, Colt, BT, Verizon, NWT, CPCnet.  FE Vendors: Neeco, Cisco, Deployment Solutions, Juniper, and ad hoc as GCX expands their global footprint.


  • 5-7 years of experience                                                     
  • Experience designing global networks for a telecommunications provider or within global enterprise organization.
  • Experience with Cisco/Redback/Juniper/Extreme devices
  • Experience with VNO (Virtual Network Operator) Mode
  • Near Native Fluency in second language preferred but not required: French, Spanish, German, Marathi, Hindi, Russian, Mandarin, and Cantonese.  If not fluent, it is required to speak with a variety of global teams that have native language accents while speaking English as a second language

Education (“E” denotes Essential and “D” denotes Desirable)

  • E = Associates Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Science, or Equivalent certification or work experience.
  • D = Bachelors or Masters Technical Degree

Contact: careers@globalcloudxchange.com

Job Type: Full-time

Employment Type: Regular Full-Time