Team Lead Network Design Engineer Data

Team Lead Network Design Engineer Data



Job Summary 

This role shall be responsible for planning, network design, engineering and new deployment of the Global IP network and interconnection with other ISP’s. Additionally, he/she in this role shall support related efforts for the enhancement and consolidation of the existing network infrastructure driving improvement in performance, scalability, reliability, cost savings while supporting the present as well as future network services.He/she shall be responsible for creating network designs for implementation of highest level of network resilience, and ensuring proper traffic flows for Internet and VPN services over the core backbone that meets the performance SLAs. He/she shall be responsible to optimize the interconnections with external carriers for exchanging internet traffic, design BGP communities that meet the customer requirements and company objectives. He/She shall support network implementations, issue MOPs, processes using agreed templates and escalation support to Operations for any chronic faults/performance, security, and customer issues


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Planning and Engineering the Global MPLS/IP Network through capacity planning, creating detailed network designs, implementation processes or MOPs, clearly identifying and documenting all the configurations, steps, and checks necessary during the implementation
  • Analyzing traffic patterns in the network, and over interconnects with customers and peers, and optimize the network resources, and traffic routing using combination of all internal and external routing protocols, hardware and capacity resource reservations, MPLS traffic engineering and exception planning using static configurations, prioritization, policing and other methods
  • Negotiating peering arrangements with Tier-1 ISPs, and internet exchanges for optimizing the performance and reduce our costs, while increasing revenue from customers
  • Monitoring network performance for each Service and CoS, and analyze reported incidences, chronic issues, and identify root causes for any failures/degradation/SLA violations on regular basis, and initiate necessary measures to correct and prevent any service degradations or failures in future
  • Identifying any SPOF, security vulnerabilities, and initiate appropriate mitigation actions removing the SPOFs, applying security patches or firmware upgrades, configuration changes and filters as necessary on priority
  • Evaluation of new technology, prepare RFP’s, validation of vendor equipment, conducting field trial and inter-operability testing
  • Developing network solutions for evolving service mix (new services/products) to RGCOM customers
  • Analyzing the Annual Operating Plan / Sales Forecasts, characterize the traffic patterns, and derive the most optimal capacity requirements and specifications, materials, interconnect and other requirements
  • Preparing Capex plans, project scope and BOM for network implementations or new deployment. Manage internal projects and generate regular management reports
  • Defining new project for network implementations, agree scope of work with vendor(s), hold kick-off and critical design review meeting with all stakeholders, request for access permissions, conduct site surveys for space, power, installation etc., make resources available for execution of the project, coordinate with logistics for HW shipment and track the project to meet the network RFS date
  • Upon implementation, carrying out audit and ensure compliance with design and guidelines and initiate any corrective actions as necessary to ensure high reliability of the network enabling the desired services to be offered
  • Interacting with Vendors, Commercial, Technical Support, Field Engineers, VPOP, GNOC, Facilities, Access Management and Product during course of various engineering and project related activities
  • Arranging software release upgrades to latest available version. Preparing spare plans for supportable equipment and remediation plans for equipment which are end of support
  • Providing escalation support to Operations for any reported incidences, chronic faults/performance, security and customer issues
  • Support initiatives for network consolidation, network performance enhancement, network vulnerability programs, network audit, cost savings and scrapping of outdated equipment which has been removed from the network
  • Supporting the CoS/QoS and service integration of legacy infrastructure with other SBUs, acquisitions, and partner networks. Included are protocol integration to enable seamless services with traffic-engineering across integrated network, consolidation and integration of POP/backhaul/NNIs, testing new capabilities and services, standardization of equipment configurations and templates, OSS/BSS integration support and enhancements, and network optimization for improved reliability, performance, scalability, and cost reduction
  • Development and maintenance of network standards and standardize both internal and cross-functional including but not limited to standardization of technical specifications, documentation, deployment techniques


Key Performance Indicators

  • Network design, MOP’s, Project Plans and Implementation
  • Cost optimized designs
  • Network performance – Service Uptime/MTTR/MTBF,SLAs (delivery time, RTD/Packet Loss/Jitter etc.)
  • New products / services tested and deployed, and acceptance in various markets
  • Network capability enhancements, consolidation of POPs/equipment etc.
  • Network expansion and coverage (POPs, Bandwidth, Partners/NNIs)
  • Cost of delivering services (cost / mbps, cost / port), other Opex parameters, network capacity utilization and efficiency
  • Accuracy, timeliness and quality of designs, proposals, documentation, project implementations and reporting
  • Handling network vulnerability programs
  • Network audit with Ops


Skills & Experience

  • Advanced skills on Juniper, Cisco, Redback, Ericsson or Alcatel Lucent routing platforms, with excellent knowledge about hardware and OS capabilities
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in implementation and troubleshooting of networks, IPv4, IPv6, RFC2547/IPSec VPNs, BGP/OSPF/IP Routing, BGP communities, IS-IS, LDP, RSVP, VPLS routing policies and implementations, network security, LAN-Phy/WAN-Phy, Ethernet variants, ATM/FR etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of QoS/CoS, traffic marking/prioritization/policing on various platforms, traffic engineering, analysis and optimization, cloud computing, VoIP etc.
  • Extensive experience in service provider environment in planning and design of network, service framework to support products portfolio and new services
  • Hands on experience of CLI, OSS/BSS integration, operations experience, provisioning templates, in-service router and OS upgrades, scripting, detailed designs, MOP, planned works and technical project management
  • Traffic analysis using Arbor Peakflow, identifying and mitigate DDOS attacks, IP address planning, Looking-Glass IP- SLA, DNS etc.
  • Significant knowledge and understanding of IP and Ethernet specifications, relevant standards
  • Excellent understanding of the e-TOM model and experience of the common OSS/BSS systems for Fault/Config/Performance/SLA management etc.
  • Significant knowledge and understanding of new technologies and services of the future over various network platforms
  • At least 10 years relevant experience with a Telco or major systems integrator providing design solutions, managing global network infrastructure
  • At least 5 years directly related experience in layer 2 and 3 network architecture, design, planning, engineering and execution
  • 3 years experience of IP/Ethernet protocol testing
  • Good understanding of SONET/SDH/DWDM technologies and interworking including infrastructure, design, engineering, applications, hardware platforms, operating systems



  • B.E/B.Tech/MBA/MCA


Additional Requirements

  • Excellent communications skills, written and spoken English
  • Superior attention to detail, 100% accuracy is required
  • Good leadership and managerial skills to manage a technical team
  • Effective Team Player, ability to initiate and establish good relationships with internal partners – Operations, Facilities, Products / Solutions Engineering, and other Engineering team members
  • Demonstrate exceptional ability to proactively lead and manage all aspects of the role
  • Superior organizational skills and ability to prioritize daily activities
  • Demonstrate superior ability to
  • Work under pressure
  • Be flexible and support at odd hours during crisis and important events
  • Ability to adapt to multinational organization with diverse cultures
  • Multitask as necessary



Job Type: Full-time

Employment Type: Permanent