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Customer Care

GCX Customer Commitment

At Global Cloud Xchange, customer care and service remains at the heart of everything we do. By delivering outstanding value through superior networks, products and services, we are committed to providing a brilliant experience to our diverse customer base, including major telecommunications carriers, large multi-national enterprises, and new media companies.

We operate two global network operations centers (GNOCs), one based in Navi Mumbai, India and a second in Denver, Colorado. In  addition  to  being  operational  centers,  the  GNOCs  also  provide customer  technical  services,  including  service  provisioning,  restoration,  network  assurance  and support.

In  order  to  maintain  operational  continuity,  certain  key  network  and  service  management platforms and systems are replicated in London, New York and Hong Kong, which function independently but  can  also  maintain the  integrity of  the  GCX  Global Network during a  potential natural disaster affecting either GNOC.

All the network elements of the GCX Global Network are managed through a separate, resilient and secure network to ensure continuous network management in both our terrestrial and subsea network systems in times of maintenance, equipment failure or fiber cuts.

Customer Portals


Enterprise Customer Support

The GCX Global Service Center (GSC) provides the centralized center of excellence for Service Assurance and Service Delivery. It also provides Level 1 and Level 2 support to customers 24×7 and is located within the 134 acre DAKC facility in Navi Mumbai. It is purpose built supported by high levels of security, power and communications.

The GSC is supported by 9 local Customer Service Centers (CSC) located in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the USA. The CSC provides Project Management, Level 3 support and Design Authority for customer solutions.

The CSC house the Customer Operations Groups (COGs) who champion service excellence throughout the contract lifetime through Service Management, Change Management and Design Authority. COGs drive Service Assurance with direct links into the GSC for customer specific incidents.

Wholesale Customer Support

Post-implementation, the network is monitored 24x7x365 by the GCX Global Network Operations Centre’s. Our highly-trained network engineers employ a range of industry-leading tools to pro actively operate and control the network. Occurrences that could potentially be service-affecting events are managed immediately. Our goal is to fix problems before you know they exist!

Regional Contacts

Incidents may be reported to GCX Network Service Support team on the following regional numbers:

Country Phone number
China 10800 4410 081
Hong Kong 800 968 857
India +91 22 303 86006 / 7
Italy 800 783 964
Japan 00531 78 0085
Singapore 800 4411 203
Country Phone number
South Korea 00308 981 078
Spain 900 948 989
Taiwan 00801 04 4239
Thailand 001 800 442083
United   Kingdom 0800 015 2368
USA 1866 640 1021

Network service Support team at: gnoc@globalcloudxchange.com

GCX Denver NOC contact information


Customer within the US +1 877-740-6600

Customers outside the US +1 303-300-8100

Email: support@globalcloudxchange.com


How to contact: Incidents must be reported either through phone number or O-zone.

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Service Desk Hours of Operating Region Phone Number Toll Free
Global Service Desk 24×7(365 DAYS) Australia +61 280 149 120
France +33 170 610 150 0800 913 770
Germany +49 610 278 5666 0800 5888 8954
Italy +39 066 220 756 0800 268 711
Netherlands +31 208 080 820
Singapore +65 648 999 69
Spain +34 911 876 670
UK +44 203 326 8361
USA +1 212 913 9543 1 888 794 8520
Language Desk; Support in French, German, Italian and Spanish
(English out of cover hours).
8:30-19:30 CET France +33 146 966 979
8:30-19:30 CET Germany +49 610 2785 777
8:30-19:30 CET Italy +39 022 4416 228
8:30-19:30 CET Spain +34 916785 901