Cloud X® Fusion for Azure

CLOUD X Fusion for Azure

Don’t let the Internet spoil your investment in Azure.

Through CLOUD X Fusion, GCX can provide secure, high-performance connectivity directly into Microsoft Azure via ExpressRoute, providing enterprises throughout the Emerging Markets Corridor with a more reliable and consistent Azure experience, whether Virtual Machines, Blob Storage or even Office365.

Irrespective of whether the Azure services are in the USA, Europe or Asia, CLOUD X Fusion provides enterprise-grade connectivity from anywhere in the world over a private global MPLS network backed by performance SLAs. Now, Azure users anywhere can benefit from improved network reliability, performance and security; even those whose “last mile” access is over the Internet.

And because Azure platforms are seamlessly interconnected with GCX’s global network, GCX customers can connect their Azure services quickly and simply to the same network as their on-premise data center, global offices, warehouses or stores as if they were any other network site; Azure is now just a network port away.

Benefit from up to 100 times faster throughput (at up to 10 Gbps) when accessing Microsoft Azure via CLOUD X Fusion and ExpressRoute

CLOUD X Fusion for Azure

CLOUD X Fusion for Azure

Through CLOUD X Fusion, GCX can provide secure, high-performance connectivity directly into Microsoft Azure via ExpressRoute

Typical Applications and Scenarios

Accessing Azure via MPLS or native Ethernet brings about material gains in network performance, reliability and security when accessing Azure which make CLOUD X Fusion and ExpressRoute ideal for:

Storage, Back-Up and Recovery

Fast and reliable connectivity to Azure is ideally suited to periodic data migration, server replication and disaster recovery strategies, as well as for transferring large amounts of data; whether datasets for high-performance computing applications or moving large virtual machines between environments in Azure and your on-premises data center.

Extending a Data Center

CLOUD X Fusion and ExpressRoute allow on-premise data centers to be supplemented seamlessly with Azure compute and storage services. Thanks to the high throughput and the predictable performance of SLA-backed MPLS or Ethernet, Azure capacity can operate like a natural extension to an existing data center. The scale and economics of on-demand public cloud infrastructure can be enjoyed without compromising on network performance over the Internet.

Hybrid Applications

Because MPLS and Ethernet are reliable, secure and provide high throughput, Cloud X Fusion and ExpressRoute allow applications to be built that span on-premises data centers and Azure services without compromising on privacy or performance. For example, a corporate intranet could be run in Azure that authenticates users with an Active Directory service hosted on-premise; meaning all corporate users can access the application without experiencing variable network performance and delays synonymous with the Internet.


Private Connectivity to Office365

In a number of locations, we can even provide direct connectivity into Office365, enabling enterprises to avoid the risks of the public Internet and benefit from predictable network performance and greater security, availability and reliability.


Global Coverage

CLOUD X Fusion connects into a range of Microsoft Azure regions throughout the Emerging Markets Corridor, with new interconnects being implemented on an ongoing basis.


CLOUD X Fusion for Microsoft Azure Interconnect Locations
Azure North America Azure Europe Azure India Azure Asia Azure Japan
Azure West US
Azure West Europe
Azure South India
Azure South East Asia
Azure Japan East
Azure UK South



CLOUD X Fusion brings a number of financial, performance and security benefits when connecting to Azure through CLOUD X Fusion:

  1. Higher performance Azure apps – Connect your users to your Azure services with greater consistency, predictability and reliability than if you were using the Internet alone
  2. Better security – Transport your sensitive or proprietary information to and from the Cloud using secure, private enterprise grade Ethernet or MPLS VPN connectivity
  3. Connect anywhere – Private connectivity accessible from more than 160 countries worldwide
  4. Lower total cost of ownership – Gain access to Azure services with lower capital investment
  5. Pay as you go – Only pay for what you use with a choice of bandwidths which can be scaled dynamically
  6. Focus on your core operations – Simplify the complexity of connecting your network to Azure for a better user-experience



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