Cloud X

Cloud X - Los Elementos Esenciales de un Verdadero Ecosistema en la Nube

We are building a technology company that sits at the crossroads of where the future Clouds will migrate. Based on one of the most extensive subsea and terrestrial fiber optic networks in the world, and a global services platform, GCX has compiled the very fabric that will deliver the next generation of applications and services to both consumers and enterprises.

But the Cloud is only as good as the network that connects users to it.

We have therefore solved the conundrum of high power virtualized Cloud environments connecting to best effort networks. By providing direct access to IT infrastructure directly from our global fiber network, we seamlessly combine the speed and power of fiber optics with the agility, flexibility and cost-efficiencies of “pay as you go” Cloud computing.

We power the Cloud.

We are building a technology company that sits at the crossroads of where the future Clouds will migrate

A truly global Cloud ecosystem

  • While traditional telecommunications exchanges form hubs where different networks interconnect, GCX is building a truly global cloud ecosystem where not only networks, but compute power, storage, applications, services, all come together on an integrated and seamless platform; CLOUD X®.

    • Through CLOUD X® we offer Compute, Storage, network and application services attached to our private MPLS VPN and Global Ethernet networks, with truly global coverage. All integrated with enterprise class Cloud switching that requires zero human intervention – a market first.
    • Through CLOUD X® Fusion we offer seamless private, SLA-backed connectivity from our global MPLS VPN and Global Ethernet platforms to CLOUD X as well as the leading public Cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer and many more on a worldwide scale.

Bringing the world "on-net"

Our goal is to bring the world “on-net,” where our infrastructure powers the services that drive our customers’ success. Complete ownership and control over our networks and CLOUD X infrastructure means delivering flexible and scalable solutions, whether through our own CLOUD X services or through 3rd party Clouds, accessed via CLOUD X Fusion. And via the CLOUD X portal, for the first time, global multi-Cloud environments can be operated through a single orchestration interface.

From individual Cloud applications, servers, storage and networks; to strategic Cloud deployments for Disaster Recovery, CLOUD X is built on carrier-grade technology yet is affordable and easy-to-deploy for an enterprise of any size. Our platform offers common reusable services and marketplace administration, integrated with catalog management for seamless order orchestration and accelerated exposure to a variety of services.

GCX is building the global Cloud platform that will power the future