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Cloud X IaaS

Cloud X IaaS

CLOUD X IaaS is available on a global basis from Silicon Valley to Sydney via Europe & Asia. And with our deployment across India, we have filled a “gap in the Cloud” between Frankfurt and Singapore.

Cloud X Fusion Ecosystem

Cloud X Fusion Ecosystem

Connect to Cloud apps with consistency, predicability & reliability

CLOUD X Compute and CLOUD X Storage

Built on the strengths of one of the leading global telecommunications providers, typical global enterprise IT needs — network, infrastructure (IaaS), software (SaaS), and security services — can be met through CLOUD X. Now you can stand up new workload environments for development, test, quality assurance and production with ease, not just accessible over the Internet but directly attached to your enterprise network.

CLOUD X is different.

We have tackled Cloud computing from the network up, meaning we offer:

  • Industrialized Compute and Storage IaaS sitting in the heart of leading edge private fiber networks adding “LAN-like” performance and flexibility to “on-demand computing”
  • Simplified IT application management. Migrating bare metal servers or workloads from 3rd party Clouds into CLOUD X could not be simpler. Our customers can now build and scale CLOUD X data centers as demand requires.
  • Cloud Computing on a global scale with complete global redundancy via east-west architecture, and automated to customer requirements – a market first.

CLOUD X Compute and CLOUD X Storage are available worldwide giving you ultra-flexible, shared infrastructure available in the heart of an enterprise-grade network.


Connecting to CLOUD X

CLOUD X is different. It is designed for the global enterprise.

Connecting via CLOUD X Fusion

Unlike other global Cloud computing platforms, CLOUD X sits in the heart of one of the world’s most extensive private networks offering all the performance and security benefits of MPLS VPN and Global Ethernet connectivity via CLOUD X Fusion, backed by performance SLAs.


  • Lower cost of ownership
    • Your existing network investment can be leveraged reducing the need for duplicate infrastructure. And what’s more, your Cloud provider data transfer charges will be lower.
  • Network performance guarantees for users accessing CLOUD X® workloads
    • By bypassing public networks we have solved the limitations of distance, speed, and performance associated with the Internet. It’s like having your own on-demand virtualized compute service on-site.
  • Enhanced security
    • By connecting to your Cloud Service Provider all the way on GCX’s private network, security threats like snooping, spoofing and even DDoS attacks are drastically reduced.


CLOUD X Internet Data Transfer

And if you need to access CLOUD X applications over the Internet, our CLOUD X nodes are connected seamlessly via IP Transit to the GCX global Internet backbone too with reach all across the globe and more than 2 billion eyeballs downstream in Asia alone.

Cloud X Portal

Power at your Fingertips

At the heart of CLOUD X is a powerful orchestration system and intuitive user interface for managing CLOUD X services; the CLOUD X Portal. Fully-integrated with the sophisticated Cloud orchestration system which automates CLOUD X, the Portal gives users the power operate their CLOUD X services regardless of where they are in the world.

Through the Portal, we have simplified IT application management.

  • Applications and workloads can be migrated from bare metal servers or 3rd party Clouds into CLOUD X quickly, efficiently and without fuss
  • Customer applications can be imported and mixed into complex workloads with other custom or pre-defined application stacks
  • Compute VMs can be viewed and operated
  • Storage Volume snapshots can be taken
  • The configuration of AppX Store applications can be viewed and managed
  • CLOUD X Users can be managed
  • Network bandwidth can be provisioned on-demand in real time
  • Usage reports to monitor consumption and billing can be viewed
  • Services on popular Cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace can be operated and managed thanks to CLOUD X’s orchestration layer

In addition to Cloud X, many popular public clouds services can be orchestrated through the CLOUD X® portal to control “Cloud sprawl”, manage cost and maximize efficiency

AppX Store

The CLOUD X Portal has 60+ platforms and apps ready to deploy through the AppX Store, including industry-leading productivity, content management, developer platforms & tools, databases, CRM, ERP, life sciences, collaboration, big data.

Managed Service

If managing and trouble-shooting Cloud services isn’t your thing; let us take care of it for you. Our optional managed service is offers expert support should you encounter problems.


Cloud X IaaS Product Sheet