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CLOUD X Fusion

CLOUD X® Fusion

The Cloud is changing the way we do business. The CIO’s environment has shifted to a point where applications and network have enabled “pay as you go” IT versus the traditional IT of “always-on” and with it, connectivity to, and orchestration of Cloud services have become key.

A successful Cloud strategy is not just about choosing the right architecture and Cloud provider. Gaining the right access to your Cloud services, considering security, performance and of course cost, can make all the difference.

You need the right connectivity in the right places.

CLOUD X Fusion from Global Cloud Xchange is the bridge between your Cloud services and your enterprise network regardless of which Cloud providers’ platforms you will use, or where you need to connect from.

Through CLOUD X Fusion, you can connect directly from a secure private network to public, hybrid or private Clouds with confidence, irrespective of which Cloud services you have chosen.

Connecting to Cloud services

Connecting to Cloud services

...over the public Internet can lead to inconsistency, unpredictability and disappointed users with performance dictated by ISP coverage and peering

CLOUD X Fusion offer:

  • Better security – Transport your sensitive or proprietary information to and from the Cloud using secure, private enterprise grade Ethernet or MPLS VPN connectivity
  • Connect anywhere – On-net private connectivity in more than 90 countries including most key business markets worldwide, many of which are in the Emerging Markets Corridor
  • Higher performance Cloud apps – Connect your users to your Cloud applications with greater consistency, predictability and reliability than if you were using the Internet alone
  • Lower total cost of ownership – gain access to enterprise Cloud apps with lower capital investment
  • Pay as you go – Only pay for what you use with a choice of bandwidths which can be scaled dynamically
  • Greater access to cloud ecosystems and app stores – choose the Cloud provider and interconnect location to best suit you
  • Focus on your core operations – Simplify the complexity of connecting your network to the Cloud for a better user-experience
With CLOUD X Fusion, public Cloud services

With CLOUD X Fusion, public Cloud services

...are as good as “on-net” for GCX, meaning connectivity will be more reliable, consistent and, since ours is a private network, more secure

Why Global Cloud Xchange

By looking at Cloud computing from the networking viewpoint we have solved the conundrum of relying on the public Internet to connect to high power virtualized Cloud environments. CLOUD X Fusion and CLOUD X, our own Cloud computing platform, seamlessly combine the speed and power of fiber optics with the agility, flexibility and cost-efficiencies of “pay as you go” Cloud computing; available on a global scale and controlled by a simple-to-use user portal.
Now that’s different.
Whether you are a manufacturer needing to deploy whole new virtualized workloads to users in an emerging market or an international publishing house looking to outsource an on-premise data center, CLOUD X Fusion from Global Cloud Xchange allows you to deploy via public, private or hybrid Cloud environments knowing your Cloud services on a global scale are as good as “on-site”.
Higher performance Cloud apps

Higher performance Cloud apps

Connect to Cloud apps with consistency, predicability & reliability - Up to 2x transaction-processing capabilities & 5x faster data transfer rates



  • GCX’s extensive global network coverage means you can reach public and hybrid Clouds directly from your enterprise from almost any business market

Enterprise Grade Service

  • On-net connections offer lower latency, and higher throughput meaning your applications will work better your users will enjoy a better Cloud experience
  • Our private network enhances the security of your business applications as you move move sensitive data between public and private Clouds

Flexible Service

  • CLOUD X Fusion is compatible with public or hybrid Cloud and multiple platforms globally
  • Take advantage of more choice with access to multiple Cloud ecosystems via your enterprise network

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • CLOUD X Fusion offers enterprise connectivity to Infrastructure as a Service meaning lower capital costs
  • Automated provisioning of Cloud services via CLOUD X Fusion offers lower operating costs 


  • Single Site – Global Ethernet from GCX provides a dedicated connection between your site and Cloud provider data centers
  • Multiple Sites – Global Ethernet, VPLS and MPLS VPN from GCX provide dedicated connectivity to Cloud providers, shared between multiple sites
  • On-demand bandwidth allows you to automatically scale your connections up or down to suit your needs


Cloud X Fusion Product Sheet

Our Ecosystem

CLOUD X Fusion offers direct on-net connectivity into many of the world’s leading public and private Cloud environments from almost anywhere on the planet. Click below to find out how you can get more from your Cloud services through CLOUD X Fusion