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The Complete Global Managed SD-WAN Solution with Hybrid WAN Connectivity for Any Site, Anywhere

Your business is transforming.

Digital innovation is pushing network boundaries globally with omnichannel apps, Over The Top (OTT), new media and mobility driving more processes and applications to the Cloud.

Up to now, few enterprise networks have kept pace with innovations and advances in application and process virtualization, slowing the journey to the Cloud.

Your network infrastructure needs to keep up … or, better still, get ahead.   As technology continues to evolve, using the Internet in your enterprise network could be a potential minefield.

GCX has the answer

Through CLOUD X WAN GCX can provide a global Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) platform offering flexibility, agility, insight and control, laid over the world’s leading hybrid WAN capability, managed end-to-end to remove any hassles and simplify the complexity.

  • On-demand Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) running on powerful Virtual CPE (vCPE)
  • Self-service and service transparency via a simple to use portal
  • Programmable, automatic service chaining between VNFs
  • “Zero-touch” network provisioning of VNFs and services
  • Information-rich application level performance visibility and reporting
  • Seamless connectivity for Internet-connected locations onto GCX’s vast SDN-ready global MPLS backbone from the pioneer of Managed Hybrid VPNs
  • Managed service with full interoperability with “traditional” GCX-provided CPE-based managed network solutions
  • Direct connectivity throughout the world into public Clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Softlayer via CLOUD X Fusion

How Does CLOUD X WAN Differ from Traditional Networking ?

SD-WAN diagram 1

SD-WAN diagram 2

SD-WAN diagram 3

CLOUD X WAN – the complete global managed SD-WAN solution with end-to-end hybrid connectivity, anywhere

Managed SD-WAN Built Leveraging Unrivalled Expertise in Hybrid WANs

Managed SD-WAN Built Leveraging Unrivalled Expertise in Hybrid WANs,
over GCX’s vast Global MPLS Core

CLOUD X WAN for ultimate network agility, maximum network choice and optimum value for money.

Why Global Cloud Xchange?

GCX has unrivaled and unsurpassed pedigree in providing managed hybrid networks on a truly global scale having deployed hundreds of business-critical customer networks and hundreds of thousands of customer locations over the past 25 years.

No other provider knows hybrid networks like we do.

We are now offering this expertise linked seamlessly to SD-WAN and Network Function Virtualization in a One-Stop-Shop.

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