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Cloud X® Fusion for Amazon Web Services

CLOUD X® Fusion for Amazon Web Services

CLOUD X Fusion for Amazon Web Services connects AWS’ global cloud platform seamlessly to GCX’s extensive global MPLS network, bypassing the public Internet for improved security, end-to-end performance guarantees and full Cloud agility.

Compatibility with all AWS Services

CLOUD X Fusion provides works seamlessly with all Amazon infrastructure services like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon RDS as well platform services like Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon EMR and Amazon WorkDocs. You can even use CLOUD X Fusion to connect to your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud for a truly private AWS environment end-to-end.

Thanks to the reliability of GCX’s MPLS connectivity backed by end-to-end performance guarantees, network performance restrictions like latency and packet loss can now be taken out of the Cloud equation making the movement of large volumes of data into and out of AWS faster and more secure, which in turn leads to a more successful AWS user experience.

While the flexibility of GCX’s bandwidth-on-demand mean “bursty” workloads based upon Amazon Elastic File System can have the bandwidth they require when usage demands while scaling back when bandwidth needs drop off.

CLOUD X Fusion for AWS

CLOUD X Fusion for AWS

CLOUD X Fusion provides works seamlessly with all Amazon infrastructure services

Connectivity and Reach you Need

Regardless of where users are located, our customers can now access Amazon cloud services in a variety of AWS regions globally directly from their private GCX network, backed by Service Level Agreements:

CLOUD X Fusion for AWS Interconnect Locations

North America Europe Asia
AWS US East (N.Virginia)
Ashburn, VA AWS US West (N. California)
Silicon Valley, CA
AWS EU (Ireland)
Slough, UKAWS EU (Frankfurt)
Frankfurt, DE
AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Singapore, SGAWS Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Sydney, AusAWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
Tokyo, JP



Connectivity Options

  • Network connectivity over MPLS VPN or Global Ethernet provides lower guaranteed latency, and higher guaranteed throughput meaning your applications will not suffer from Internet peering issues and congestion
  • Single Site
    • Global Ethernet provides a dedicated point-to-point connection between your site and AWS
  • Multiple Sites
    • MPLS VPN and Global Ethernet provide dedicated connectivity to AWS, shared between multiple sites
  • Connectivity is available in the following bandwidths:
    50 Mbps / 100 Mbps / 200 Mbps / 300 Mbps / 400 Mbps / 500 Mbps / 1 Gbps
  • GCX’s extensive global network coverage means you can reach AWS directly from your WAN from almost any business market


Agility and Flexibility

  • AWS is already connected to GCX’s network; it is simply a case of enabling the connection on our network
  • On-demand bandwidth matches your network to your AWS services giving you end-to-end agility


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • By leverage your corporate network there is no need for duplicate Internet infrastructure with expensive local access circuits
  • Usage-based billing means you do not pay for bandwidth you do not use
  • CLOUD X Fusion gives you access to AWS’ lower data transfer charging structure