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CLOUD X Fusion

CLOUD X® Fusion

The right connectivity can make all the difference to your cloud strategy.

Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Softlayer, Microsoft Azure and Google bring considerable benefits; agility, future-proofing and opex-based infrastructure. Yet concerns over Internet security and unreliable Internet performance are often seen as barriers to large-scale uptake for many CIOs.


CLOUD X® Fusion from Global Cloud Xchange puts your choice of leading public or private cloud platforms seamlessly into the heart of your GCX-provided WAN giving you:

  • Cloud applications that perform up to 3 times better with more consistency over an SLA-backed network than they do over the public Internet
  • Reduced security risk with application traffic more secure when accessed over GCX’s private MPLS network than over the Internet
  • Reduced cost of ownership as you maximise your network investment for maximum financial benefit
  • Truly elastic opex-based IT infrastructure to meet seasonal demands, stand up “proof of concept” projects and deliver short term infrastructure through the Cloud
  • Higher performance Cloud apps: Experience a 3-fold improvement in productivity through better application performance with guaranteed packet loss and round trip delay over MPLS or Ethernet
  • Greater security: Reduce the risk of lost revenue, reputation and customer loyalty from malicious attacks like DDoS
  • End-to-end agility: Harness true Cloud agility by flexing your connectivity in line with your Cloud infrastructure through our pay-as-you-go bandwidth
  • Maximum return on investment: Maximise your network investment with the leading Clouds now an “on-net” port away, eliminating the need for duplicate network infrastructure
  • Global Cloud coverage: Comprehensive coverage with the world’s leading Cloud Service Providers in every region
  • Reduced Cloud costs: Access lower CSP Data transfer charges through CLOUD X Fusion rather than via the Internet
  • Immediate access: Simply open a CLOUD X Fusion port and connect without the need to wait for lengthy circuit lead times
  • Extensive global network reach: end-to-end connectivity from developed and emerging markets in the US, Europe, Middle East & Asia based on GCX’s and Reliance’s global subsea and terrestrial fiber networks
Connecting to Cloud..

Connecting to Cloud..

over the Internet can lead to inconsistency, unpredictability and disappointed users with performance dictated to by ISP coverage and peering

CLOUD X Fusion – Realizing Hybrid Cloud For Your Enterprise

Once you use CLOUD X Fusion you can connect directly from your secure private network to a variety of Clouds with confidence, irrespective of which CSP you use.

If you already connect to GCX or Reliance, leading public cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer, Google, Rackspace, VMWare and more than 20 others worldwide, as well as software services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work are already connected to your network.

We can simply open a CLOUD X Fusion port without the need for expensive duplicate infrastructure and lengthy circuit lead times.

With CLOUD X Fusion, public Cloud services ..

With CLOUD X Fusion, public Cloud services ..

.. leading Cloud services are as good as “on-net”, meaning connectivity will be more reliable and, since ours is a private network, more secure

Why Global Cloud Xchange

With CLOUD X Fusion, you can now customize your Cloud deployment and application architecture without compromise; globally.
By looking at Cloud computing from the network we have solved the conundrum of relying on the public Internet to connect to high power virtualized Cloud environments. CLOUD X Fusion and CLOUD X, our own Cloud computing platform, seamlessly combine the speed and power of fiber optics with the agility, flexibility and cost-efficiencies of “pay as you go” Cloud computing; available on a global scale and controlled by a simple-to-use portal.
Now that’s different.
We operate a network that circumnavigates the globe, stretching from the Emerging Markets Corridor, to the world’s leading business centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Within India we operate the largest terrestrial fiber network. Best of all, we put that network in your control through our state-of-the-art orchestration platform, complete with the agility to flex your bandwidth to match your business requirements.
If you need a connection to a Cloud, or a number of Clouds, we have the network.
Higher performance Cloud apps

Higher performance Cloud apps

Connect to Cloud apps with consistency, predicability & reliability - Up to 2x transaction-processing capabilities & 5x faster data transfer rates


Choice and Coverage

  • GCX operates CLOUD X Fusion gateways with a variety of leading CSPs worldwide including CLOUD X, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, Softlayer and more than 20 others.
  • CLOUD X Gateways are available in all regions from India, Singapore and Australia to the USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands

Agility and Flexibility

  • For GCX customers, Cloud Service Providers are already connected; it is simply a case of enabling the connection on our network
  • On-demand bandwidth matches your network to your Cloud giving you end-to-end agility
  • Minimal commitments mean you can match your network to your Cloud


Enterprise Grade Service

  • Network connectivity over MPLS VPN or Global Ethernet provides lower guaranteed latency, and higher guaranteed throughput meaning your applications will not suffer from Internet peering issues and congestion
    • Single Site – Global Ethernet provides a dedicated point-to-point connection between your site and Cloud
    • Multiple Sites – MPLS VPN and Global Ethernet provide dedicated connectivity to Cloud providers, shared between multiple sites
  • Network traffic is secured through industry standard 802.1q VLANs protecting you from malicious attack and safeguarding your applications as you move sensitive data between Clouds
  • GCX’s extensive global network coverage means you can reach public & hybrid Clouds directly from your WAN from almost any business market


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Leverage your corporate network. There is no need for duplicate Internet infrastructure with expensive local access circuits
  • Usage-based billing means you do not pay for bandwidth you do not use
  • CLOUD X Fusion gives you access to lower data transfer charging structures from CSPs like AWS and Microsoft Azure
Cloud X Fusion Product Sheet

Our Ecosystem

CLOUD X Fusion offers direct on-net connectivity into many of the world’s leading public and private Cloud environments from almost anywhere on the planet. Click below to find out how you can get more from your Cloud services through CLOUD X Fusion