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About SGS

Meeting the diverse needs of a global player with local solutions delivered as a seamless network for 10 industries, 850+ sites in 115+ countries

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 75,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories around the world.

Established in 1878, SGS transformed grain trading in Europe by offering innovative agricultural inspection services and over the years grew steadily in size and scope as the company’s agricultural inspection services spread around the world. During the mid 20th century, SGS began to diversify and started offering inspection, testing and verification services across a variety of sectors, including industrial, minerals, oil, gas, and chemicals.

SGS is the definition of a global organization, operating all over the world, across five continents. With the diversity of business needs that this structure entails, providing network connectivity to match the exact requirements of every site in every country is very challenging. A consultative identification of best-of-breed technologies and services, capable of flexing to different geographical and business discipline requirements led SGS to employ Global Cloud Xchange’s technology and infrastructure neutral Multi Vendor Sourcing model.


At the beginning of the relationship in 2004, SGS was looking to migrate its global network provided by 40 different service providers into a seamless global network while maintaining the cost and transparency associated with utilizing local carriers, and at the same time, manage the entire network from a single, central point. Additionally, SGS wanted to increase its internal business process management efficiency, by centralizing and standardizing the organization’s core application infrastructure. Central to this was the implementation of a new Oracle platform to support the company’s central Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and an email server consolidation project reducing the  existing 150 international email servers to only 2.

In 2009, driven by its changing business needs, SGS identified the requirement of high bandwidth voice applications that would enable improved global collaboration, and cost benefits. In order to securely implement these throughout the global wide area network, improved network security measures were  required alongside the realization of an opportunity to further reduce network management costs. Global Cloud Xchange succeeded in a formal tender process through its fundamentally differentiated Multi Vendor Sourcing model which further reduced SGS’s total network ownership costs while providing the continual service assurance to ensure the company’s continued global industry leader status.

In 2010 SGS announced a four year strategic Growth Plan which aimed to significantly increase the company’s revenues while doubling the number of staff and operating income by 2014 through growth, optimization and cost savings. In order to meet these targets and the time frames set in the Growth Plan, the SGS network required to support organic and acquisition-based growth, an extensive geographical footprint and widespread global needs across different industries SGS is operating in.


Global Cloud Xchange has successfully underpinned the SGS’ business since 2004, enabling much of the company’s growth over the period. Through its Multi Vendor Sourcing model Global Cloud Xchange was ideally suited to support SGS as it first embarked upon its IT centralization process by reducing the complexity for SGS in managing such a diverse system re-structuring project.

The initial Global Cloud Xchange solution provided a single point of contact and fault management with a globally consistent Service Level Agreement for all network and security related services that could be applied to all of SGS’s existing service providers in each location. The network was initially focused on offering access to remote locations and serving three high availability co-location facilities in Europe, the US and Asia through a Multi-technology design.

Since 2004, Global Cloud Xchange has constantly driven down SGS’ network costs through negotiations with the underlying infrastructure providers and selecting optimum technologies and carriers while exceeding the contractual service availability and performance targets, meeting the diverse local needs with specific solutions fundamental for SGS to compete on global markets. Global Cloud Xchange’s Multi Vendor Sourcing approach enabled a fully redundant hybrid network using Ethernet Layer 2, MPLS, VPLS and IPSec technologies to connect more than 850 sites in 115 countries across five continents, using Global Cloud Xchange core infrastructure and multiple local carriers. Global Cloud Xchange’s global infrastructure provides dynamic bandwidth scaling, enabling SGS to match their exact requirements to business needs. In June 2012, Global Cloud Xchange has also been appointed to manage the 100 sites SGS North American network replacing the former providers.


Highly complex WAN meeting very numerous, very site specific requirements – more than 1,000 circuits from over 120 different best-of-breed local, regional and global carriers

  • A fully redundant network using Ethernet Layer 2, MPLS, VPLS and IPSec technologies connected through Global Cloud Xchange core infrastructure and multiple local carriers
  • Global security solution, using tailored providers and managed centrally, with local, regional and global security gateways, consisting of Firewall, Intrusion Detection Prevention, WEB Filtering and Antivirus
  • Dynamic bandwidth scaling allowing SGS to match requirements to business needs
  • Flexibility to scale operations rapidly, ensuring SGS is always competitive in every market
  • Low risk and low total cost of ownership (TCO) solution enabling ongoing reduction of the overall network costs
  • Global network enabling high-bandwidth voice applications
  • Single point of contact and SLA for all network and security related services regardless of the underlying carrier at each location, with fully consolidated billing across the network
  • Transparency provided through O-zone, Global Cloud Xchange’s real-time online service delivery performance and reporting portal
  • A trusted, long-time partnership for any network related services with a deep understanding of the SGS strategic business targets, and supporting them through a unique sourcing approach

The new contract is an extension of the relationship that began in 2004 and reflects the consultative advice we receive. Through its unique approach to network sourcing Global Cloud Xchange enables SGS to adapt the existing WAN solution in each local market and achieve the targets set in our Strategic Business Plan. Global Cloud Xchange is our single point of contact for any network related services, and provide us the flexibility to scale our operations rapidly, and ensuring we are always cost competitive in every market.