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Global Cloud Xchange
Introduces Cloud X Fusion with Google Cloud Interconnect

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The Cloud,

Global Cloud Xchange is an international provider of integrated communications solutions for businesses.

We bridge the gap between infrastructure and service. We are designing technology for the future, while enabling businesses to build up capabilities to keep pace with digital trends, to better meet customers’ needs and drive future growth. We are not only a telecom services provider, we meet our customers at the crossroads of where the future Clouds will migrate.

A Digital India

Thought Leadership

Inaugurated by India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Digital India project is part of a larger initiative to empower the people, expand infrastructu…

digital, india, Reliance

Exponential East-West Traffic Growth Across Emerging Markets Corridor

Thought Leadership

Millions of new users, billions of new devices, gigabytes more consumption of bandwidth per device and user, mobile and fixed network content consumpt…

cloud, emerging market corridor, india

Emerging Markets Corridor

Thought Leadership

Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, Asia has asserted itself on the world stage. China has propelled itself forward to become the world’s biggest national economy. India has…

cloud x, emerging markets, icx, pcx, pops, Technical

Delivering a Truly On-Net Global Cloud

Thought Leadership

Global Cloud Xchange’s global cloud platform is all about getting applications and services “on-net.” The concept of on-net is simple, meaning literally, that it is on a network that is…

applications, cloud, enterprise, on-net

A truly unified Global Cloud Platform

Thought Leadership

Cloud computing is changing the very fabric of the digital universe. By shifting the processing power of applications from localized computers to a gl…

applications, cloud x

Allianz Global Investors

Case Study

With 23 offices in 17 countries, and $511 billion in assets under management for individuals, families and businesses – having a fast, secure and reli…

cloud, customer, network

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Global Cloud Xchange, formerly Reliance Globalcom, brings together an expansive subsea cable network, plus data center and managed services capabilities, to create a unique integrated Cloud Ecosystem.

Our goal is to set new standards in delivering sustainable competitive advantages to our customers in the cloud solutions and infrastructure space.

Bill Barney

Chief Executive Officer / Global Cloud Xchange